Common Skylight Problems

Roto Frank Skylights Parts and Repair

We Do Not Carry Any Replacement Parts For Roto Skylights.

SV, S2V, SF, S2F, Hilight, Galaxy & Stella Roto Frank of America skylights only had a few models and they have discontinued all skylights and parts are no longer available.

Basic information about getting your Roto Frank skylight repaired.

  1. Find the serial number of your skylight. It is … Continue Reading ››

Velux Skylight Accessories

Velux Skylight Accessories

Velux makes many accessories to personalize and alter their skylights to fit your needs. Here's a short list.
Remote controls
Add automation and ease to your skylight.
  • KLR 200 Intelligent touch remote control
  • Velux has several other remote controls for any of your skylights
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Controlling the Light

The Best Way to Control Light

While having fresh air and daylight is a good thing, glare in your TV room and home office or a nap with the sun shining in your face is not. There are lots of other reasons to want to adjust the light coming into your home from a skylight as … Continue Reading ››