Skylight Specialists Now Installs Sun-Rise Solar Attic Fans

An affordable solar option, using solar powered attic fans

Powered by the free and the most available source for power, the Sun. The Solar Powered Sun-Rise Solar Attic Fan ventilates your attic, keeping it cool and removing moisture. The Sun-Rise Solar Attic Fan will extend the life of your roof. While using the power of the Sun and using no electricity, the energy to cool your attic is literally free. A cooler attic means a lower workload for your AC unit, and that means a lower utility bill. The Sun-Rise Solar Attic Fan is very powerful. They can efficiently circulate warm air and or moisture out from under your roof surfaces. This lessens the potential for roof damage while extending the life of your roof.

In the heat of the summer, temperatures in your attic can reach 160 degrees. Such extreme temperatures can cause your cooling system to overwork while cooling your house. While overworking, the AC units are using fossil fuels and discharging carbon emissions.

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