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Blue Blinds New Install

Velux Blinds New Install and Custom Colors

blinds-new-install-sunny-blueWe recently had an older couple looking for blinds to add to their existing skylights in their kitchen. Almost all Velux skylights allow for blinds to be installed at a later date, and theirs fell in this category. Their kitchen and living … Continue Reading ››

Controlling the Light

The Best Way to Control Light While having fresh air and daylight is a good thing, glare in your TV room and home office or a nap with the sun shining in your face is not. There are lots of other reasons to want to adjust the light coming into your home from a skylight … Continue reading Controlling the Light

How to block the glare from your skylight

Products available to block the glare from your skylight This time of year some people experience too much heat gain and/or glare from their skylights. You have several choices: Replace the glazing, Could be a higher performance glass or replace the clear acrylic dome with a bronze dome Apply sunscreen to the exterior of the … Continue reading How to block the glare from your skylight