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Hail Storm Repairs

Why it’s not such a good idea to replace only the outer acrylic dome Many contractors will repair your damaged acrylic skylight by simply removing the outer lens and replacing it with a new one. Or, after major hail storms we see roofers, skylight manufacturers, and so-called skylight experts driving around neighborhoods with replacement outer … Continue reading Hail Storm Repairs

Cracked Skylights

What do you do when your skylight is cracked? The most common crack that occurs with skylights is usually found on the acrylic glazed skylight. Probably the second most common crack would be found on laminate glass skylights. It is best to repair either crack by either replacing just the glazing or by replacing the … Continue reading Cracked Skylights

Colorado Mountain Communities and Skylights

Live in the Mountains? Have or Want a Skylight?

We understand that it is sometimes hard to find good reliable and knowledgeable help in the mountain communities. We offer estimates and skylight work in all of Colorado's mountain communities.
Including but not limited to: Aspen, Evergreen, Avon, Vail, Breckenridge, Colorado Springs, Steamboat Springs, Keystone, Winter Park, Silverthorne, Frisco, Idaho Springs, … Continue Reading ››