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Simple Dome for Dome Replacement

Product Used: American Skylights B/C acrylic dome skylight.

A Simple Dome for Dome Skylight Replacement Isn't the Best Option.

However, sometimes it's the only option.

  • An HOA or neighborhood association may require a dome skylight.
  • To match other existing skylights.
  • It's a custom size or shape.

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Acrylic Cluster Dome Skylights Replacement

Acrylic Dome Skylights Have Surpassed Their Life Span. The homeowners had issues with their acrylic dome skylights. Installed in a cluster formation when the home was built, they had aged beyond their life span. The skylights were having problems with cracking and leaking, not to mention they are dangerous and are a fall safety concern; it’s easy to slip and fall through them … Continue reading Acrylic Cluster Dome Skylights Replacement