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DIY Skylight Repair

Can I Repair My Own Skylight? We get asked a lot if there is a DIY skylight repair for homeowners. It’s a small leak, or they can’t really see anything wrong with the skylight, so it’s got to be a simple fix right? This may not be want you want to hear, but here is the short … Continue reading DIY Skylight Repair

Sunroom or Sunspace Repairs

Replacing Glazing in Sunrooms or Sunspaces Many factory built sunrooms were manufactured with 30″ wide spacing on their aluminum rafters. They also designed the system to utilize 30″ or 46″ long panes of glass for ease of shipment and installation. A very light duty crossbar held the horizontal edges of this glazing. We frequently remove … Continue reading Sunroom or Sunspace Repairs

Controlling the Heat

The Best Way to Block Heat from Entering Your Home Low E³ Glass Modern technologies produce glass coatings with impressive statistics—they let in most of the light and very little of the heat. Replacing your glazing to the new highly energy efficient options is the best way to block heat. It feels like you’re … Continue … Continue reading Controlling the Heat