Venting skylights over bed

Skylights with Blinds Give You the Ultimate in Light Control

Why Skylights? — Blinds Give You Control over the Sun

Modern skylights can come with blinds or shades that allow homeowners to diffuse or block the light during certain times of the day.

Room Darkening – Double Pleated

Room darkening blindSolar powered or manually operated, these blinds feature blackout cloth with a honeycomb structure that are energy-efficient and have a sleek design with 12 colors to choose from. These are best suited for bedrooms for the early morning light, napping, or for the moon’s rays from traveling across your face while trying to sleep!

Light Filtering – Single Pleated

Pleated blindSolar powered or manually operated, these blinds let a soft light enter the room and come in 20 color options. These blinds block direct light from entering into the home, but scatters a soft light through the room evenly. These are great for TV rooms, home offices, or other rooms where glare is a problem.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blindVenetian blinds provide for varying light control while still providing outdoor views. Velux designed theirs with aluminum that is easy to wipe clean and provides a modest improvement to the overall energy efficiency of the skylight. Lower or raise the blinds manually with a stylish control bar. Tilt the slats at any angle with an award-winning control mechanism.

Remote Control

Integra Remote on TableAnd Velux skylights come with a programmable touch-screen remote control that allows homeowners to schedule times for the solar powered blinds or shades to close and open.

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