Velux Skylight Accessories

Velux Skylight Accessories

Velux makes many accessories to personalize and alter their skylights to fit your needs. Here's a short list.
Remote controls
Add automation and ease to your skylight.
  • KLR 200 Intelligent touch remote control
  • Velux has several other remote controls for any of your skylights
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How to block the glare from your skylight

Products available to block the glare from your skylight

This time of year some people experience too much heat gain and/or glare from their skylights. You have several choices:
  1. Replace the glazing, Could be a higher performance glass or replace the clear acrylic dome with a bronze dome
  2. Apply sunscreen to the exterior of the skylight. This works … Continue Reading ››


Light from Skylights

Skylights - The light that enters your space from above works so much better because: 1) light traveling down from above puts a shadow under items in the room. (shadows under your couch instead of beside the couch make the room seem much brighter) 2) light tends to reflect onto all walls, spreading the light around … Continue Reading ››