Glass Skylights

Stuffy Room Gets Natural Light and Fresh Air

From Stuffy Room to Light Filled Office

This customer had an old converted attic with a small stuffy room they wished to transform into a usable office. But they had low sloped ceilings and only windows on one end of the room. This had the effect of making the room feel small, cramped and unpleasant. They … Continue Reading ››

The Differences Between Glass and Acrylic Skylights

The Pros and Cons of Glass and Acrylic Skylights

Acrylic skylights were the standard skylights in the 1980's, but in the early 2000's companies, like the international company Velux, started mass producing glass skylights. The benefits of these newer glass skylights far outweigh the benefits from acrylic skylights.


Velux fixed skylight models are mass-produced for use around the globe, making them … Continue Reading ››

Hail Demonstration on Acrylic and Glass Skylights

Example of how a glass skylight can withstand hail while an acrylic skylight breaks and shatters.

Here is a video simulating hail stones hitting a skylight. With the use of frozen paint ball pellets we were able to simulate hail striking an acrylic skylight and a glass skylight. The acrylic skylight … Continue Reading ››

HOA’s & the Skylight

Homeowner Associations discover the added value of visual appeal

Homeowners and their respective Associations can have what could best be described as a love/hate relationship.  Although the intent of an HOA is to serve the best interest of the homeowners, the process can be frustrating.  The common concern for HOA's is aesthetics.  Fortunately, the evolution of … Continue Reading ››