Velux Sun Tunnels

Velux Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnels Provide Economical Daylighting

A Velux Sun Tunnel or other tubular skylight allows light to travel from the roof and through an attic. The use of a highly reflective tube that ends at the ceiling with a diffuser makes Sun Tunnels a more economical option than a standard skylight. The tubes fit between the structural components … Continue Reading ››

Velux Is the Largest Skylight Manufacturer in the World

Velux Is the Best in the Industry

Velux USA Home Velux is the best and largest manufacturer of skylights and roof windows in the world (worldwide they operate under VKR Holdings), and they offer the best warranty in the industry as well. They … Continue Reading ››

Skylights and the Colorado Garden and Home Show

Skylight Energy Efficiency is an all season concern

Summer heat gain and winter heat loss will both take a bite out of your energy budget. The cold is upon us. Although we haven’t seen much snow as of yet, the temperatures have been quite bit chilly. Generally, we perform most of our skylight efficiency upgrades during the … Continue Reading ››