Velux Flashing and Cladding Replacement

Typical VELUX Skylight Flashing and Cladding Replacement.


Flashing replacement is more labor intensive than cladding replacement.

Replacement VELUX cladding is only available for deck mount skylights.  The Product Id is essential to determine the specific parts required.

  • Some models manufactured after 2010 will require entire sash replacement,
  • Cladding is generally available for skylights manufactured between 1995-2010 .

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A Typical Deck Mount Flashing and Cladding Replacement:

This residence in Denver’s Ken Caryl neighborhood had problems with a couple of older VELUX skylights. Built in 1974, the skylights were probably added at a later date.

After this summer’s hail storms, the owners determined that they were in need of repair.


First Step:

The first step is to remove the shingles around the skylight and strip the existing head, sill, step pieces and cladding.

Ice and water shield is applied around the skylight. A very sticky sheet of goo. It creates a weather tight seal between all of the components. Including the skylight itself.

Second Step:

Now the white top sheet is stripped to expose the sticky stuff and the sill, step pieces and shingles are installed. Finishing with the head piece and the new cladding.

Third Step: Peace of Mind!

  • The skylights have been restored to near new condition and should provide many years of trouble free service.
  • Skylight Specialists, Inc. warrants our workmanship for five years.
  • Product Used: VELUX EDL kit and cladding for an FS (Fixed Skylight) 106.

What Is Skylight Flashing?

VELUX EDL Flashing Kit

Flashing is usually comprised of shaped metal in three components:

  1. Head flashing—at the top of the skylight.
  2. Sill flashing—at the bottom of the skylight.
  3. Step flashing—interwoven with the shingles along the sides of the skylight.

Flashing seals the skylight against the harshest extremes of weather and makes either a deck mount skylight or a skylight curb part of the roof itself.

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