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Coordinating Roofers and Skylights

Coordinating Roofers and Skylights

We get asked a lot when is the best time to replace or install a new skylight. People typically believe that the best time is when they are getting a new roof. While is some cases it is helpful to install a new skylight without a roof, is not the only time.

In fact, we will wait until the roofers finish the installation and the roofers are off the job before we start the skylight installation on most skylight installs.

skylight installation rough inThe reasons for this are simple; roofers typically have laborers on jobs that tend to cause problems with skylights. They can scratch or sometimes break the glass or acrylic, they might tar the skylight, they will put nails and/or holes in the flashing or in the wrong place, or they may flash the skylight incorrectly, and so on.

skylight nailing roofWe feel much more comfortable installing the skylight after the roof to avoid these unnecessary problems. In some cases the type of new roof requires us to work before or during the roofing work. Contact us if you have any questions about your new roof and skylight installation.

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