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Velux Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnels Provide Economical Daylighting

A Velux Sun Tunnel or other tubular skylight allows light to travel from the roof and through an attic. The use of a highly reflective tube that ends at the ceiling with a diffuser makes Sun Tunnels a more economical option than a standard skylight.

The tubes fit between the structural components of your roof to keep installations simple and cost-effective. To make the design inexpensive the glazing that lets the light in is small, made of acrylic and dome-shaped.

The Typical Sun Tunnel Installation:

TMR 14 – 14″ dia. – 4′ Rigid Tunnel – Pitched Flashing
$949* Installed.
Velux TMR Sun Tunnel

Suitable for spaces 10×10 or smaller. Great for closets, hallways, entryways and stairwells. Or task lighting over desks, counters, sinks or work benches.

*There are a number of factors that aren’t typical that add to the cost of an installation. For example: steep roof, difficult attic access, tile roof, extra tubing.

Sun Tunnel Uses


Sun Tunnels work effectively in smaller rooms, such as a powder rooms, laundry rooms or walk-in closets. Natural light makes rooms feel larger and more comfortable, which is important in rooms that are typically small. Daylight shows colors accurately, helping you find stains, or pick out the right outfit. Sun Tunnels are ineffective in larger rooms (more than 10′ x 10′) and Velux’s recommendation is to install more than one. However, in our professional opinion, the skylight is a better choice over multiple Sun Tunnels (usually a similar price too).

Comparing Skylights and Sun Tunnels

A Sun Tunnel is effective in lighting small areas that need light but don’t need a view of the outdoors or venting. The diffuser also spreads the light evenly across the room, resulting in a soft, appealing and comforting atmosphere. There are a number of inexpensive upgrades as well, like a light kit (for when the Sun Tunnel replaces a light fixture) or a decorative diffuser (to add some style to the room).

Sun Tunnel Technology

Sun Tunnels have improved greatly over the last ten years. Velux has invested great time and effort to continue improving the technology and performance of their products. All the homeowner has to do is educate themselves as to what works best for their needs and take advantage of all the options available. Read more about the current technology here:


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