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20 Striking Spaces with Skylights

Here are 20 striking spaces that use skylights as a focal point on your fifth wall. Some of the top architects show how skylights are an ideal addition to any room. Bathrooms, kitchens, even hallways are complemented by these daylight inspired designs.


Velux Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnels Provide Economical Daylighting A Velux Sun Tunnel or other tubular skylight allows light to travel from the roof and through an attic. The use of a highly reflective tube that ends at the ceiling with a diffuser makes Sun Tunnels a more economical option than a standard skylight. The tubes fit between the … Continue reading Velux Sun Tunnel

Inspirations: Bathrooms

Mornings come alive with fresh air and daylight. Skylights provide a view and privacy. Bathrooms are a great candidate for skylights that let in daylight … Continue Reading ››