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Skylight Domes

Acrylic domed skylights or bubble skylights Domed skylights are usually made from acrylic and sometimes polycarbonate. They are the most common skylight type but are really 1980’s type technology. They usually have an aluminum frame with a thermal barrier. There are better quality skylights out there, made of glass instead of acrylic. As energy prices … Continue reading Skylight Domes

Velux Curb Mount

Velux has curb mount skylights that are non-operable and operable Velux moved out of the world of supplying only deck mounted skylights many years ago. They have built a very nice curb mount non-operable (fixed) glass skylight (FCM) using newer technologies such as rubber for their interior frame instead of cold-conducting aluminum. Velux now offers manual … Continue reading Velux Curb Mount