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Replacement Parts and Cladding for Velux Skylights

Replacement Parts Are Available Through Velux Velux has recently changed their parts catalog, and no longer offers parts for all model years. Edit: Updated for 2016. Use the Velux Find a Dealer link below to find out who can supply you replacement parts in your area. We are a certified 5 Star Dealer for Velux, and … Continue reading Replacement Parts and Cladding for Velux Skylights

Franktown Skylight, Cladding and Blind Replacement

Product Used: VELUX FS (Fixed Skylight). VELUX VCS (Venting Curb Solar) Skylight. VELUX Cladding Kit.

Roof Replacement Spurs Significant Skylight Upgrade.

Franktown residence 2093-5259 The owners of this residence built in 1985 in Franktown's Bannockburn subdivision made a wise choice. When their roof required replacement, they chose to update their seven … Continue Reading ››

Velux Flashing and Cladding Replacement

Typical VELUX Skylight Flashing and Cladding Replacement. Flashing replacement is more labor intensive than cladding replacement. Replacement VELUX cladding is only available for deck mount skylights.  The Product Id is essential to determine the specific parts required. Some models manufactured after 2010 will … Continue Reading ››