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Velux Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnels Provide Economical Daylighting A Velux Sun Tunnel or other tubular skylight allows light to travel from the roof and through an attic. The use of a highly reflective tube that ends at the ceiling with a diffuser makes Sun Tunnels a more economical option than a standard skylight. The tubes fit between the … Continue reading Velux Sun Tunnel

Residential Skylights

Good Quality Residential Skylights There are many good quality residential skylights on the market but the best is the brand called Velux. Their products are versatile, reliable, and economical. They have many options for shades and ventilation and they now manufacturer every different type of skylight available. Call us for pricing anywhere in the United … Continue reading Residential Skylights

Skylight Domes

Acrylic domed skylights or bubble skylights Domed skylights are usually made from acrylic and sometimes polycarbonate. They are the most common skylight type but are really 1980’s type technology. They usually have an aluminum frame with a thermal barrier. There are better quality skylights out there, made of glass instead of acrylic. As energy prices … Continue reading Skylight Domes