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Franktown Skylight, Cladding and Blind Replacement

Product Used: VELUX FS (Fixed Skylight). VELUX VCS (Venting Curb Solar) Skylight. VELUX Cladding Kit.

Roof Replacement Spurs Significant Skylight Upgrade.

Franktown residence 2093-5259 The owners of this residence built in 1985 in Franktown's Bannockburn subdivision made a wise choice. When their roof required replacement, they chose to update their seven … Continue Reading ››

Velux VCS Solar Curb Mount Installation

Product Used: VELUX VCS (Venting Curb mount Solar) Skylight

A Typical VELUX VCS Solar Powered Curb Mount Installation.

Solar powered skylights are a great way to add fresh air to your home. With no wiring to install, it's much less expensive than an electric powered skylight. And … Continue Reading ››

Velux Curb Mount

Velux has curb mount skylights that are non-operable and operable Velux moved out of the world of supplying only deck mounted skylights many years ago. They have built a very nice curb mount non-operable (fixed) glass skylight (FCM) using newer technologies such as rubber for their interior frame instead of cold-conducting aluminum. Velux now offers manual … Continue reading Velux Curb Mount