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Curb Mounted vs Deck Mounted

Curb Mounted Skylights Curb mounted skylights are the most common skylight type.  This design requires a box structure for the unit to ‘set’ on.  Generally this box comprises 2×6, or larger construction lumber, set on end, and attached to the roof … Continue Reading ››

Venting Skylights

Skylights Can Vent, Manually, Electrically or by Solar There are now three good choices on how to open and vent your skylight. Velux offers the manual “Fresh Air” Skylight, the electric “Fresh Air” Skylight or the solar “Fresh Air” Skylight, each with its own benefits. These skylights are designed for curb and deck mounted installations and enables any home to enjoy … Continue reading Venting Skylights

Opening Skylights

Skylights can open manually or electrically There are now many good choices on how to open your skylight. A manually operable skylight utilizes a telescoping pole to enable a person to reach most skylights. Another good choice is the electric skylight. These days the labor to install an electric skylight is no more than a … Continue reading Opening Skylights