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2017 Solar Powered $400 Skylight Instant Rebate

The Solar Powered $400 Skylight Instant Rebate Last year our rebate was a great success, so we brought it back with Velux for 2017! The No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight $400 instant rebate will last until April 31st! Act now and get a $400 skylight instant rebate per solar skylight with no max limit. Get … Continue reading 2017 Solar Powered $400 Skylight Instant Rebate

Curb Mounted vs Deck Mounted

Curb Mounted Skylights Curb mounted skylights are the most common skylight type.  This design requires a box structure for the unit to ‘set’ on.  Generally this box comprises 2×6, or larger construction lumber, set on end, and attached to the roof … Continue Reading ››

Blue Blinds New Install

Velux Blinds New Install and Custom Colors

blinds-new-install-sunny-blueWe recently had an older couple looking for blinds to add to their existing skylights in their kitchen. Almost all Velux skylights allow for blinds to be installed at a later date, and theirs fell in this category. Their kitchen and living … Continue Reading ››

Stuffy Room Gets Natural Light and Fresh Air

From Stuffy Room to Light Filled Office

This customer had an old converted attic with a small stuffy room they wished to transform into a usable office. But they had low sloped ceilings and only windows on one end of the room. This had the effect of making the room feel small, cramped and unpleasant. They … Continue Reading ››