As We Age Our Eyes Require More Light For Everyday Tasks

Why Skylights? — Better Lighting Helps with Aging Comfortably

AGING-IN-PLACE UPGRADESAs we grow older our eye lenses thicken while our pupils shrink, making it more difficult for our eyes to adapt to changing and low light environments. Medical studies also show that our ability to adapt to different light levels falls off considerably around age 60, which seems associated with changes in the retina sensitivity.

The level of dark adaptation exhibits a clearly noticeable alteration in individuals above 60 years.
McFarland & Fisher, 1955

low installation center pivotResearchers McFarland and Fisher reported that to accommodate the aging eye, the amount of light required for visual acuity doubled for each 13 years after the age of 20.

Natural daylight from above provides soft, balanced light ideal for eyes of all ages.

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