why skylights privacy

Skylights Provide Daylight and a View Without Sacrificing Privacy

Why Skylights? — Get a View with Privacy

Homes built too closeContractors are building homes closer and closer together every year, even to the point of creating a fire hazard. In most new homes you can practically shakes your neighbors hand through your kitchen window.

Skylight Provide A Better View

Skylights provide balanced, natural light in the loft of the HGVT Smart Home 2015. HGTV, HGTV Smart Home, and HGTV Smart Home Giveaway logos are trademarks of Scripps Networks, LLC. Photos © 2015 Scripps Networks, LLC. Used with permission; all rights reserved.The windows of these homes look onto their neighbors homes (as you can see in the photo above). Who wants a view of a wall in their bedroom? How much light can that window really provide in the constant shadow of another home? Using a skylight instead gives you views of blue skies and sunshine.

Skylights Provide Privacy

velux skylights over bathWith homes built this close together windows in bathrooms and bedrooms often have their draperies or shades pulled shut. Skylights are a good solution for these homes, providing the light you need without fearing prying eyes.



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