Velux Skylights Give You Peace Of Mind

Why Skylights? — Velux Skylights Give You Peace Of Mind

We’ve all heard the cliché skylight joke:

There are two types of skylights, those that leak and those that will leak.

But don’t let the off comment change your opinion, it’s just a joke! In reality skylights are very popular and when properly installed will give you years and years of leak free enjoyment. Velux even offers the longest and best warranty in the industry and their skylights come with many peace of mind features.

Rain Sensor

velux rain sensorVelux skylights come with a rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight at the first sign of rain. So even if you forget to close your skylights, you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered.

Three Layers Of Weather Protection

Deck mounted skylightVelux skylights come installed with three layers of weather protection: a pre-installed deck seal, all-weather underlayment and engineered step flashing. They all prevent air and water from entering your home, giving you peace of mind about never having a leak.

Ten Year No Leak Warranty

velux-product-warrantyIf our assurances aren’t enough, Velux offers the best warranty in the industry. When installed properly using Velux flashing, Velux warrants for ten (10) years from the date of original purchase that no water will leak through the skylight or between the skylight and the roof deck.

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