Velux Cabrio Installation

A Skylight that allows the freedom to look around.

What Is a Cabrio Skylight?

cabrio 22807-142918 A Cabrio Skylight is designed to take the place of a dormer. A dormer is a window set vertically in a structure projecting through a sloping roof. The Cabrio provides ventilation and … Continue Reading ››

Simple Dome for Dome Replacement

Product Used: American Skylights B/C acrylic dome skylight.

A Simple Dome for Dome Skylight Replacement Isn't the Best Option.

However, sometimes it's the only option.

  • An HOA or neighborhood association may require a dome skylight.
  • To match other existing skylights.
  • It's a custom size or shape.

The benefits of … Continue Reading ››

Glass Canopy Project

A Unique Glass Canopy with Big Problems.

The owners of this home, built in 1926 in the Morgan's Subdivision Historic District and the Country Club neighborhood, contacted us regarding the glass canopy over the front entrance. This unique glass canopy, undoubtedly made by hand when the house was built, has some excellent design features! By using glass panels, … Continue Reading ››